Mohawks and Goals

I had a goal this spring/summer, one that I enlisted my husband’s help in achieving, albeit grudgingly. My goal was to finally make our yard look like we give a damn. I wasn’t aiming for a beautifully landscaped yard and elaborate and fruitful garden, I just wanted to give the appearance that we had put some effort in and were trying to fit in with the neighbors.

A quick note about our neighbors so you understand why this is important: we have retired neighbors next door and across the street who mow at least twice a week and keep beautiful flower and vegetable gardens (I see them looking at our lawn with disgust); a friend 2 houses down used to be a landscaper and mentions periodically that we have more clover than grass in our yard; and the neighbor on the other side has built a huge privacy fence that I assume was erected to block both her view and her yard from our creeping charlie.

I decided not to tackle the actual grass issues this year because that was too big of a project and focus on the garden and landscaping the small area in front of the house.  We made a plan for the garden, Blair (my husband) tilled it for me, and I planted rows of green beans, peas, green peppers, and green onions. I also installed 2 Topsy Turvies with tomatoes and green peppers. I asked for Blair’s help in shoveling out the bright white rocks from the front of the house so we could put in some wood chip mulch and then decide on plants or bushes.  All good and doable ideas, right?

Turns out you have to attach the Topsy Turvies to something stable or they just fall over…. a month later and Blair has now used bright blue wire to keep them upright against the fence…classy.  The stupid rabbits, squirrels and birds evaded my cute little white fence and ate virtually all of my vegetable seeds and the leaves from the hostas in the garden.

Blair waited until we were hosting a birthday party one evening to bring the skid loader home and dig a huge hole for our trampoline and then transport all the extra dirt to the front yard to fill in the now rock-less areas.  He also thought it would be a great idea to just dump those white rocks on our walkway to the front door. He unceremoniously dumped the rest of the dirt in the corner of the back yard and told me we should plant more strawberries back there.  God love him.

After about 2 weeks, we finally got the rocks moved off the sidewalk and I thought we might be on our way to a decent looking yard until……Blair asked me to give the front yard a mohawk. Yes, I’m serious. He asked me to leave a swatch of grass down the middle of the front yard so that he could randomly throw dirt on it to fill a low patch and wanted the grass to be long so it would grow through the dirt piles.  Seriously?  My goal was to be less embarrassed by our yard and he asked me to give it a mohawk. And I’ve now done it twice….suppose it’s my own fault. We’ll try again next year!