Sugar and Spice? What about Sass?

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.

I beg to differ. Tantrums and polish and sassy pants, that’s what my little girl is made of. Bridget, dear Bridget, where shall I start?

My favorite Bridget moment of the weekend happened Sunday afternoon as I was anxiously trying to clean the house before the entire Hansen family arrived for dinner. Sam & Drew are typically pretty nice to her but they think that teasing her is playing nice due to the example set by all of their uncles and grandpas. So, Drew is teasing her a little bit by taking her purse away and after countless screeches and a little bit of crying she yells, “Hate you, Shew. Throw water you,” took Sam’s water cup and tossed the water on Drew. the living room. She was talented enough to hold on to the cup and just douse him with water but I was not talented enough to hold in my laughter while trying to yell at her. Good lord. It didn’t help that Drew was behind her laughing his priceless Drew giggle and pulling his wet underwear off as I’m trying to send her to her room.

She had another great moment on Friday when we stopped at the farm to visit Daddy. She was carrying one of her many purses (one more trait she inherited from Grandma) and Daddy asked her what was in her purse. All day she been carrying 2 defunct cell phones in her purse, pulling each of them out at random times to call and say “no” to Aunt Shel or “Hi” to Nama but when Blair asked she hid it behind her back. I asked her what was in her purse and she gave me a glare that would make a teenager proud and pulled it more firmly behind her back.  I tried to take the purse and she let out another banshee screech, which doesn’t stop a determined mommy, and I took the purse at the same time that Blair asked her. “Do you have a snack in your purse?”

The little booger flashed him an award-winning smile, complete with nose crinkle, and said “Yep.” Not yes or yea but yep. I pulled the granola bar out and used it to hide a smile. To her credit, I allowed her to keep the bar in her purse with the promise that she could eat it later. When snack time arrived, Drew asked what they could have and Bridget yelled, “Puss, nack, puss nack!” and retrieved the bar for a very happy snack time.

On Saturday, Michelle and Corey came to visit with Gavin and Corey’s 3 girls. His daughter Avary is only a couple of days older than Bridget and they have a typical love-hate relationship going on. Thomas and Cortney came up for the weekend as well so we had a full house but I was very happy about it….until Bridget didn’t get a nap. We went swimming (thanks again Sue!) and toured the farm before having a pizza and movie party in my living room. Avary was inexplicably seated next to Bridget’s toy box for supper and was casually pulling out toys while eating. Bridget was watching her very closely and allowed most of the toys to be examined. And then the hat came off the baby.

You would have thought that someone had taken her favorite baby doll, wrapped it in her cow lovey and chopped it to pieces in front of her. She started yelling and screaming at poor Avary and Thomas, because he happened to be sitting near her, about “hat, baby, osh (off), baby, hat, fall osh, fix, help” in a repetitive and aggressive manner until we were able to fix it.

I thought we were out of the woods until Aunt Shel, who apparently learned about teasing from the same people as Sam & Drew, quietly took the baby’s hat off again and laid it out for Bridget to notice. No wonder Bridget loves to call and tell her No.

There must be a little bit of sugar in her, however, because in the last 2 weeks she has convinced 2 grandpas, one daddy, and one uncle to let her paint their toenails and fingernails bright pink. She isn’t allowed to paint her own nails until she is potty-trained but she had a great time painting Grandpa’s! She saves the sugar for when she is in trouble but the sassy pants are always on….can’t wait for the teen years.