Walking Dick

I wasn’t sure if I totally believed the rumor about the special bond between fathers and daughters. I have 2 sisters so I have first-hand knowledge of a bond but no real way to know if it is different than the bond between fathers and sons. I now know that the bond is very different, at least in my house, as evidenced on Halloween night.

Blair is very proud of each of our kids and loves to talk (re:brag) about them at any and all opportunity. 18 months until about 3 seems to be the optimum age for having them say silly things and show off, which Blair did with the boys. He encouraged them to perform for anyone who came to our house and would take them to the neighbors’ houses on Halloween so that everyone could see how cute they were. However, now that Bridget is at the prime age to show off, he has gone off the deep end.

For the first time ever, he came home from the farm well before trick-or-treat time was over and wanted to take all 3 kids to a few houses. I had convinced them that it would be super fun to hand out candy with mom but they hadn’t really bought it and were eager to go with Dad. Before heading out, Sam got a better offer from his cousins so Blair set out with Drew & Bridget. They walked to a couple houses in the neighborhood; I neglected to mention that Sam & Drew had already hit up those houses…oops.

Bridget came back with an exciting story about Santa Claus giving her candy and couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating some more so they piled into the van to visit our erstwhile babysitter. They were gone for about 20 minutes before Drew came and knocked on my door, hoping to get one more package of Rolos. I asked where Dad & Bridget were and he said they were going to a couple more houses but that he was ready to be done. Strange.

Another 10-15 minutes later, Blair burst through the front door and exclaimed (and that is not an exaggeration) “She is so freakin’ cute! I really like her! But she doesn’t say ‘st’ very well.”

Bridget then entered the house carrying a forked stick and told us she had Yoda’s dick. What?

“Me have Yoda’s walking dick.”

You have what?

“Me have dick!”

It is a miracle I didn’t pee in my Princess Leia costume.

Curious about where she had convinced Daddy to take her after dropping Drew off? I was. Apparently, she remembered that our doctor’s dog’s name is Chewy and she thought she needed to see him since she was dressed as Yoda. How could a smitten daddy say no?

Honestly, he is infatuated with our daughter. Not in a gross, pedophilia way, he just finds her endlessly entertaining. He watches her in the rearview mirror in the car and just smiles. Maybe he was this way when the boys were 2 and I have just forgotten but it sure seems like she has him wrapped around her finger a little tighter than the boys do. Adorable. Maybe I should have titled this post something like Reason # 471 that I Love My Husband.