Princess or Goddess

Time spent with grandparents, aunts, cousins and friends who leap to do her bidding has given my daughter a bit of a goddess-complex.

This morning she was commanding the sun to stop. Verbatim – “Stop it sun, stop it in my eyes. Stop it right now sun in my eyes.” Bless her little heart, she really believed that she could stop the sun from shining in her eyes with the sheer force of her will and repetition. Sadly, this is a tactic that has worked for her since the day she started talking. This child has convinced busy strangers on the Senate floor to stop and draw her a cow. She has coerced her grandfather into a child-size tiger costume and her grandmother into lying on a dirty kitchen floor to examine a lady bug. She is not intimated by things like the revolution of the earth and position of the sun.

Last week she tore an ear off a new stuffed cow and was throwing a giant fit about it. Our wonderful friend Sue offered to take it home and sew the ear back on for her. That was not good enough for the Princess Goddess who insisted on accompanying Sue home to monitor the surgery and ensure the cow was returned in a timely fashion.

Every time I tell the kids to turn the TV off, it is a race to push the button. The obstinate Princess now scolds her brothers if they beat her to it with these words, “Hey, always me Silly. Not you turn off tv, always me, k, McGee?” A couple of months ago, the boys would probably have let it go and allowed her to control the buttons on the TV but they have apparently about had it with Bossy McBosspants and will now wrestle her out of the way to turn it off.

On the way to school this morning, a kindergarten friend of ours was complaining that he always has to listen to Snow White in our car. The Queen of her World turned and informed him, “Me love Snow White, me always listen to it in car.” With that little matter handled, she turned back around and asked me to turn the volume up….little shit.

We had a stand off yesterday morning when a Whiny Princess insisted that I put her shoes on for her. I declined her invitation and informed her that it was time to take the boys to school. She added some pitiful crying and a few tears to accompany the screeching insistence that I put her shoes on her feet for her. I again declined, told her that we needed to take the boys to school, and calmly exited the house. I expected her to quickly put her shoes on and follow me into the garage because she hates to be left alone but I underestimated the stubborn streak running boldly through her royal veins. She screamed and cried for almost 10 minutes while I waited patiently (and I actually did because she is the 3rd child not the 1st and I have finally learned to choose my battles and not get too worked up about things like this).

Eventually, she put her shoes on and walked sedately to the car as if nothing had happened because that is what Princesses do.


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