Sometimes my husband is just plain embarrassing.

Example A: I am waging an all-out war on unwanted hair (thanks, Grandma) and spend an inordinate amount of time casually stroking my chin to make sure there are no coarse black hairs trying to emerge. I try to maintain two separate eyebrows and shave my armpits and legs regularly (well, at least in the summer I do.)

Blair, on the other hand, cultivates his errant hairs, coaxing the long eyebrow hair out of its nest so it can rest on the brim of his stocking cap. His goal is to one day join the two crazily long ear hairs he recently discovered with the power-of-Samson eyebrow hair into what he is sure would be a source of great power. He has become increasingly paranoid about the possibility of someone plucking his solid 2 inch eyebrow hair, probably because my sisters and mom keep attempting to pin him down and yank it out.

Example B: Blair arrived home this morning to remind me that a guy was coming to give us an estimate on water proofing our basement. I will still in work out clothes, hadn’t showered, and was just sort of grubby. Since I didn’t have time to shower or really make myself presentable, I simply changed into jeans and finger-combed my hair so that I at least didn’t look like the stereo-typical low-rent housewife.

Blair went ahead and changed his clothes as well, exchanging his poop-stained farm jeans and t-shirt for a pair of plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt. What a great first impression we must have made! Especially when you factor in Blair’s car sitting in the driveway: a rusted out 1985 Pontiac something or other. We are awesome.  But it gets better….

Blair and the sales rep ventured outside to look at the foundation of the house while I helped Bridget finish her lunch and get laid down for her nap. I glanced out the window and seriously almost died; Blair had added a plaid flannel jacket type thing to his ensemble and was walking around our yard in a plaid tuxedo. Honestly? Why not grab a plain sweatshirt of jacket? Why not put on jeans?

I love him dearly but sometimes he is just so painfully embarrassing… thankfully he is also adorable, smart and funny.

PS: Blair came up with plaidopus name when I called him out on the embarrassing outfit….gotta love him.