Cement Rubble and Beanbags

It started with a trickle of water, an occasional small puddle and some hideous wallpaper and has turned into a disaster zone and catalyst for the newest grossest thing to happen in our house.


We get a small amount of water in our unfinished, cement block basement, nothing too major, but we knew we wanted to finish the basement eventually so Blair decided that now is the time to waterproof. Rather than hiring someone to do the work, he chose to sledgehammer out half of the perimeter of the basement himself and use child labor to haul the cement rubble out of the house. A great system which only caused two problems and revealed a third; the work caused an extreme amount of dust and small doses of neglect and revealed some plumbing issues….ugh. The dust is causing me to curse a lot and Drew to have some trouble breathing but the neglect and plumbing problems are the real issue.


Neglect: I almost forgot to feed the kids the other night before we had to leave for Parent/Teacher conferences because I’m awesome. Thankfully, pancakes are quick and fun and the kids thought it was a special treat! The dog, however, is being woefully ignored and has taken to carrying his leash around in the hopes that someone will take pity on him and go for a walk. I had the kids just run him down the street a little bit last night to take the edge off…I don’t think it worked and may have led directly to the grossest thing to happen in our house this week….but you’ll have to wait.

Plumbing: The plumbing issues raised questions in Blair’s mind about going ahead with the refinishing project now because “we might as well.” Yesterday we began the serious demolition work and finally removed the last vestige of 1968 wallpaper from our house. It was truly hideous (and yes, I saved a section of the best wallpaper selections we have removed and will be creating a memorial of some sort) but the removal of dark paneling and crazy shelves has opened up a ton of possibilities in the basement and led to even more neglect of children and pets. This whole project is both exciting and frustrating and will most likely be never-ending so if anyone h-as some free time and enjoys demo work, drywall hanging, plumbing, or dusting, come on over!


So, are you ready for the most disgusting event I’ve been a part of since the infamous mouse eating incident? I mentioned that our poor puppy is feeling a little ignored and apparently he has plans to exact his revenge on all of us. As we were getting ready for school this morning, Drew noticed a large pile of poop in the living room. The poop was not there when we got up so our bitter dog basically waited to poop right in front of us as a symbol of his discontent. Ugh. Sam is on poop duty this week so we got it all cleaned up and everyone out the door on time.  Bridget and I took them to school and came home to finish a grocery list and I realized that the stupid dog had stepped in his poop and tracked down the hallway and into my bedroom where he apparently danced a little jig on my cream carpet. Nice. Got it all cleaned up and away we went to buy some more very necessary craft supplies (ha!).  Warning: that was not the worst part of the story.


We got home from the store and Bridget convinced me to let the dog back into the house. The two of them raced to the living room where Bridget dove headfirst into Drew’s soccer ball beanbag, a favorite cozy snuggling place for both of them. Bridget’s head hit the beanbag, with Coby following directly behind, but she quickly jumped back up and yelled, “Mom, I’m all wet!” with a note of panic in her voice. Yep, my sweet Coby puppy peed in, not on, Drew’s beanbag and Bridget basically dunked her face into it.


She forgave him and was soon back to whispering sweet nothings in his ear (this is absolutely true, by the way). I’m still working on it. Now I have to go stop the stupid (and adorable) dog from eating any more drywall and cement….



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