It’s been a while…..

It has been a while but here I am, ready to smack you in the face with my witty opinions, laugh-out-loud anecdotes, and tales from the teaching trenches…or maybe I’ll just whine a little.

I took a blogging break when I started a new job teaching preschool; I needed to dedicate a good portion of my time and energies to figuring out what the heck I was doing and how to organize myself to get it done. I am also the director of the preschool so I had to learn DHS rules and regulations, paperwork protocol, and a million other little things in addition to lesson planning, classroom cleaning, supply management and, oh yeah, actually teaching.  It is a job that consumes my thoughts but that I love so very much…not sure how my own kids feel about it though.

You see, they sometimes get the short end of the stick when Mom is stressed out from managing “behaviors” all morning or has to spend Sunday afternoon at school getting ready for the upcoming week. My kids hear about the successes I see in the classroom and I fear that sometimes I neglect to show the same amount of excitement for their own successes.

On the other hand, they get to help prepare lessons and have the advantage of knowing that Mom is just down the hallway if they get sick at school or, as happens entirely too often, they realize they have forgotten something at home or need money. My kids get to stop in for a quick hug (well, not the 5th grader so much) or to tell me about a great result on a test. I love that I am right there in the building and that they still want to see during the school day. Apparently I am not too embarrassing yet, thank goodness.

My additional impetus for breaking from blogging was that I am slowly losing my mind. Yep, it’s true. I used to be a fairly organized person and then I started having kids. I initially blamed my loss of memory and focus on pregnancy brain, then overly-tired-new-mommy brain, then terrible-two’s, then three-kids-under-5, and finally three-kids-in-school. At this point, I have nothing to blame my brain problems on but me so I will just lay it out there….there is something wrong with my brain.

For instance, I had a meeting last Monday night. I knew I had a meeting last Monday night. I saw it on my calendar on Monday morning and again Monday afternoon. I talked about the upcoming meeting to two separate people on two separate occasions on Monday. I started planning supper in the early afternoon based on my leaving for the meeting. Then 5:00 hit and I got distracted and didn’t start supper. At 6:15 my phone beeped, reminding me of my meeting at 6:30. Crap. I hadn’t showered (no school that day) and was still in sweats. Supper was not cooking and I had made zero plans for the kids. As I quickly washed my face and threw on some jeans, I gave the kids supper and shower instructions and rushed out the door. Ridiculous.

On a lighter note, my hubby got home just as I was leaving and fed the kids, made a delicious supper for us, and had a black-out Nerf gun war waiting for me when I got home. Maybe I should leave it to him more often!

My plan is to start writing again, posting here more often, and using written words to keep my brain focused.  Wish me luck….and remind me when I haven’t posted in a while because, most likely, I have simply forgotten.